XrmToolBox FAQ

XrmToolBox supports all version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and above
XrmToolBox is compatible with the following authentication mechanisms:
  • Windows Integrated Authentication
  • Claims based authentication
  • Internet Facing Deployment authentication
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Oauth and Multi Factor Authentication are now supported

The list of available plugins can be found on this XrmToolBox wiki page.


Just go to this XrmToolBox wiki page to find them. There can also be other plugins we are not aware of as XrmToolBox is an open source application and anybody can develop his own plugin

You can also check this page that lists plugins available through the XrmToolBox Plugins Store, which is embeded in the application.


Did you unblocked downloaded archive before extracting its content? If no, do so by following this procedure
The July 2015 release of XrmToolBox uses a new plugins loading mechanism.
  • Missing plugins are plugins that have not been migrated by their respective developers. Please contact them to get an updated version of their plugins.
  • Not up to date plugins are because plugins are now stored in a subfolder named "Plugins". If old plugins remains in the XrmToolBox folder, they will be loaded instead of the plugins in the newer version in the "Plugins" folder. Please clean XrmToolBox from any plugin dll files.

Please enable tracing for XrmToolBox to get details on why you cannot connect.

You can also review this page that give some explanation on how to connect

Please use Issues on Github to create a bug