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So, you want to donate something to thank MscrmTools for his amazing work? That is greatly appreciated!

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What do I earn if I donate?

As said on the homepage, XrmToolBox is free and that won't change. So you might ask, why would you want to donate. When you donate, you will receive a "license" file. "license" is in quotes because it will just get rid of the support screen that appears once a week when you open a plugin in XrmToolBox. No new extra features or permissions in XrmToolBox are added by the "license" file.

They support XrmToolBox

If you made a donation but you don't want your name to appear in this list, please contact me on twitter

Achim Roos
Adam Vero
Ahmed Elsayed
Andy Hurd
Aron Fischman
Asle Berge
Bhasker Mekala
Bilingual Job Board of Canada
Bill Altman
Brad Cote
Bradley Law
Chan Mye
Charles Lie-Nielsen
Chris Nockolds
Chris Rogers
Cinteros ABĀ 
Claus Appel
Craig Seymour
David Berry
David CRayer
David Hale
David Wade
Dieter Wehinger
Douglas Allinger
Dr. Krieger & Kollegen GmbH
Eliya Fainshtein
Fabio Petris
Fast PC Help Inc.
G R Greene
Gabriel Nesmerak
Goncharov Pavel
Graig Harvey
Guido Preite
Guillermo Halys Ortuno
Habib Khan
Ian Oldbury
Information Technology Solutions Ltd
James Soulsby
Janet Thomas
Joseph Quelch
Jurriaan Koops
Kenneth Farmer
KingswaySoft Inc
Kurt Holzwarth
Lars Martin
Lee Taylor
Leon Tribe
Linn Zaw Win
Living Business Online Inc.
Maxim Nikonov
Michael Springer
Munir Remahl
Nevian Consulting & Placement Services Inc
Njaka Misaharison
Omar Sharif
Peter Cutts
Peter Hale
Peter Hartman
Peter Hartman
Peter Lynch
Pierre Bourdial
Prabhakar Sundararajan
randy smith
Robert Peledie
Roland Kreis
Rudolf Schwaz
Samantha Cox
Scott Kister
Scott Sewell
Shane Norris
Shawn Hanson
Simon Bicskey
Simon neve
Soe Min Ye
Stephanie Byrne
Timothy Douglas
Todd Zedak
Urs Graf
William Kaik
Win Linn Zaw
Yaron Fraiman
Yeshayahu Bar-Lev

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