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Xrm ToolBox Plugin which download attachments files from any Data Verse table. Take fetch xml as input to filter out the records.

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Version Release date Number of downloads Rating 4/8/2021 5:10:28 AM 2034 0.00 4/8/2021 4:25:34 AM 78 0.00 3/30/2021 2:10:14 PM 181 0.00 3/30/2021 1:56:21 PM 65 0.00
1.0.5 3/1/2021 12:07:17 PM 65 0.00
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Author: Vishal Grade Latest version: Released on: 04/08/2021 Nuget package Id: AttachmentDownloader Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 0Average rating 0Number of ratings Downloads 2034Latest version 2705All versions 270.50Average per version Tags Data Migration