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Detects where fields in an entity are used in code (cs, js, ts and constants) and Dynamics CRM.
Indicates the usage status of a field. So, you can detect and delete unused areas when the limit to open new space in your entity is reached.

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Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.0.6 3/4/2022 6:56:13 AM 8468 5.00
1.0.5 2/22/2022 12:03:22 PM 793 0.00
1.0.4 2/18/2022 11:10:15 PM 390 5.00
1.0.3 2/18/2022 1:46:47 PM 287 0.00
1.0.2 2/17/2022 1:34:53 PM 291 0.00
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Ogun Bilgili ()
Great tool to detect unused fields. It would be better if we can select multiple entities and related fields.
Onur İzgi ()

Other versions

Bilal Özer () - version 1.0.4
A very useful application

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Author: Burak Şimşek (with the contributions of Bilal Özer) Latest version: 1.0.6 Released on: 03/04/2022 Nuget package Id: FieldsUsedDetectTool Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 3Number of ratings Downloads 8468Latest version 10801All versions 1543.00Average per version Tags