Bitrix Migration Tool


A tool for migrating data from Bitrix 24 to Microsoft Dataverse. Support for field mapping in both databases, managed data migration with logging, creation of custom fields in Dataverse

Latest version release notes

Fixed publishing error after creating new attribute when Dataverse did not update metadata


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2023.1.7 5/26/2023 6:18:47 AM 1385 0.00
1.2023.1.6 5/24/2023 8:53:34 AM 103 0.00
1.2023.1.5 5/22/2023 12:32:08 PM 163 0.00
1.2023.1.4 5/17/2023 10:57:29 AM 98 0.00
1.2023.1.3 5/14/2023 5:39:16 PM 214 0.00
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Author: Indi Vision Latest version: 1.2023.1.7 Released on: 05/26/2023 Nuget package Id: IndiVision.BitrixMigrationTool Open Source: false Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 0Average rating 0Number of ratings Downloads 1385Latest version 2327All versions 332.43Average per version Tags Data Migration