Bulk Data Finder


Use input file to cross search into Dynamics 365 or Dataverse and get the results on a Excel file

Latest version release notes

1.2021.11.1: Enable search on record primary key. Fix unexpected crash on loading while the file was already opened.
1.2021.9.3: Update tool's description. Add Export non matching option. Now diplays label for optionset and multiselect optionset. Add duplicates detection on results. Update notifications. Add File preserve feature.
1.2021.9.2: Add new result option to get attributes from the view
1.2021.9.1: Add row copy in results view
1.2021.8.4: Add Results Options. Excel export improvments
1.2021.8.3: Fix unexpected error while loading file
1.2021.8.2: Redirect to correct url for documentation
1.2021.8.1: Initial version


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2021.11.1 11/19/2021 12:50:15 PM 12954 0.00
1.2021.9.3 9/28/2021 2:06:08 PM 3657 0.00
1.2021.9.2 9/22/2021 2:02:11 PM 718 0.00
1.2021.9.1 9/6/2021 8:45:39 AM 1080 0.00
1.2021.8.4 8/30/2021 7:59:12 AM 468 0.00
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Author: William Keo Latest version: 1.2021.11.1 Released on: 11/19/2021 Nuget package Id: Keowi.XrmToolBox.Plugins.BulkDataFinder Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 0Average rating 0Number of ratings Downloads 12954Latest version 19611All versions 2451.38Average per version Tags Data Comparison