XrmToolBox includes two features that allow you to control the use of the program:

  • You can control if XrmToolBox can be executed
  • You can control what plugins are allowed to be used 

Restrict XrmToolBox usage

To restrict usage of XrmToolBox, you can create a registry key to block execution of the program. The key is the following:




If the key IsDisabled equals 1, then the user won't be able to execute XrmToolBox.


Restrict allowed plugins in XrmToolBox

To restrict usage to specific plugins only, create a new registry key (REG_MULTI_SZ) that contains the technical name of the plugins to allow (one plugin per line). In the example below, from a registry key export, the content is encoded


Here is the visual representation

In this example, all plugins are allowed because of the star character. If the star character wasn't there, only Iconator and WebResourcesManager would be available in XrmToolBox, even if other plugins are installed.


Registry evaluation order

Current user registry key is evaluated before Local machine one.