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new Tool Library

Added Application protocol support

Introduction of companions

Add support for GEO Korea and Norway

Use browser profiles to navigate to Power Apps maker portal

Use of XrmToolBox without Internet connection

Fixed connection issues because of regional discovery service being shut down by Microsoft

Fix of issue with Tool Library when installing tools with incorrect casing for package folders

Fix of issue with Tool Library when installing tools with sub folders content

Fixed Help menu

Improved duplication tool feature

New usability features, impersonation and connection controls update

New connection methods

Using latest SDK assemblies + Plugins renamed to Tools

New Geos
Plugin update popup

Adding Common Data Service references

Use SDK login control to connect to your D365 CE or PowerApps organization

Fix for MessageBus and connections based on Connection Strings

Fix for plugins that requires multiple connections

Plugins highlight and MFA connections

Implements DockPanelSuite to improve XrmToolBox usability

Open connected organization in web browser

Use of latest Dynamics 365 CE SDK bits (v9)

New Plugins Store

Display optimization

New interface for developers

Fix Plugins Store