Settings are available in the main toolbar menu Tools, then Settings


Display settings

Tools list : Decide if you want to see the plugins list on the main tab of XrmToolBox as large or small items.

Plugins display order : Decide what the order of plugins list is. You can choose between Alphabetically, Most used or Recently updated

Connections display style : Decide whether you want to see connections in the bottom left connection control grouped by files or not

Tools list : Allows you to untick plugins to hide them from the plugins list


Proxy settings

These settings help you to configure XrmToolBox to connect behind an entreprise proxy

Miscellaneous settings

Allow to send usage statistics : If ticked, XrmToolBox sends the name of each plugin you open. No private data are sent. These statistics are used to know the number of plugins used

Do not prompt when closing plugins : If ticked, when you close a plugin tab, no warning is displayed to confirm you want to close the tab

Do not prompt on exit when plugins are opened, close plugins silently : If ticked, when you close XrmToolBox, you are not prompted to confirm tabs closing.

Display plugins store on XrmToolBox startup : If ticked, each time you run XrmToolBox, the Plugins Store is displayed

Only if plugin updates are available : If ticked, Plugins Store is diplayed only if plugin updates are available

Do not check for updates : If ticked, XrmToolBox does not search for update

Remember session : If ticked, the current session (opened plugins and connections) are saved so next time you open XrmToolBox, the sames plugins are opened with the same connections

Reuse previously opened connections : If ticked, when you connect to a connection already used previously, the same service instance is reused.

Path settings

This page allows you to open :

  • XrmToolBox folder : where the main program is located
  • XrmToolBox storage folder : where other files are stored (plugins, connections, settings, logs)