Bulk Workflow Execution


Execute Workflows in Bulk using CRM Views or FetchXML Queries.

Latest version release notes

Version 1.2017.7.21
- Added 'Edit in FetchXML Builder' button when using Custom FetchXML Queries
- Updated status messages to include more details (record counts, est. time remaining)
- Various bug fixes to improve stability

Version 1.2016.6.7
- Updated XrmToolBox & CRM DLLs to which resolved an issue upon opening the tool

Version 1.2016.5.17
- Original XrmToolBox Plugin Store release


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2017.7.21 7/28/2017 6:19:26 PM 126787 5.00
1.2016.6.7 6/7/2016 1:59:22 PM 64158 0.00
1.2016.5.17 5/17/2016 2:24:20 PM 5311 0.00


Latest version

Linn Zaw Win ()
Totally recommend this tool for re-running the classic workflows for multiple rows based on the view or FetchXML
Adam R ()
Used it on several occasions in CRM 2011 without issues.
MicNic Work ()
Guillaume Lequertier ()
Christopher Bradley ()
Love the new features. We use this plugin daily...very, very helpful.
James Trobaugh ()
Duane Wells ()
Been using this plug in for quite some time. Always worked. My only suggestion would be to make sure the view listing is alphabetized to assist in finding the view you are working with easier.

Other versions

No feedback.

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Author: Andy Popkin Latest version: 1.2017.7.21 Released on: 01/26/2018 Nuget package Id: AndyPopkin.BulkWorkflowExecution Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 7Number of ratings Downloads 126787Latest version 196256All versions 65418.67Average per version Tags Processes