Recycle Bin


Review and restore the deleted records for entities with auditing enabled. The restore option just recreated the record with same deleted guid. Relationship may or may not get restored automatically.

Latest version release notes

Minor fixes

Fixed issues for listing in the tool

Upgraded to latest verion of CRM SDK

Build with latest SDK and XrmToolBox framework

Update the SDK references
Fixed issue with service appointment restore

Exception with CRM 2015 fixed by rajyraman

View delete records per entity and by date range filter.
View detail of these records with all the fields values.
Restore multiple records in one click.


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2019.7.1 7/23/2019 2:27:23 AM 41421 4.75
1.2019.3.1 3/18/2019 1:52:12 AM 4763 0.00
1.2018.2.1 1/31/2019 12:41:54 AM 2664 0.00
1.2017.11.1 11/22/2017 5:30:03 AM 38194 5.00
1.2017.5.1 5/25/2017 5:24:03 AM 46353 0.00
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Latest version

Ram Sama ()
Brilliant tool, saved a lot of time and effort. Only issue is, it retrieves only 500 records , got no option to increase the count. Is it possible to restore more than 500 records?
Locatrix IT ()
Sean Robertson ()
I have created a XRM ToolBox account just to review this plugin. 6/5 Stars. Saved my bacon after accidentally deleting a contact (Oops).
Hanshu Saini ()

Other versions

David Mattson () - version 1.2017.11.1
Saved my coworker's bacon

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Author: Deepak Battini Latest version: 1.2019.7.1 Released on: 07/23/2019 Nuget package Id: BDK.XrmToolBox.RecycleBin Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 5Number of ratings Downloads 41421Latest version 184168All versions 26309.71Average per version Tags Data