FetchXML Builder


The tool will assist in three major areas:

1. Constructing FetchXML in ways that Advanced Find cannot
- aggregates
- outer joins
- complex "not-in"-queries
- attributes from multi-level linked entities
- update existing views with altered queries

2. Querying CRM for information not (easily) found in the CRM UI
- system / internal entities
- attributes hidden in CRM UI
- join on other fields than relationships

3. Developer assistance
- Generate C# QueryExpression code from fetch xml
- Generate OData query string from fetch xml
- Generate SQL, JavaScript and C# stubs for queries
- Easy to use UI to compose queries for reports in CRM

The tool reads metadata from CRM to assist with selecting entities, attributes, relations and to perform validation of condition values.

To make it even more appealing, there is also the possibility to have it show "Friendly names", which will replace the technical names of entities and attributes with their display names in the users' currently selected language, much like Advanced Find does.

Latest version release notes

-- New features--
#229 Repository for easy access to favorite queries
#215 Variables for conditions in QueryExpression code
More modern colors / font in XML window

-- Bug fixes --
#122 Uncommenting fails sometimes when using single quotes
#219 Crash in CRMGridView in some null value scenario
#220 Code generator error for multiple condition values
#221 Save File does actually save the file
#223 Filters not generated correct in C# code
#230 Cache bleed between FXB instances


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2018.12.5 12/18/2018 8:50:09 PM 11032 0.00
1.2018.12.2 12/14/2018 4:07:27 PM 1598 0.00
1.2018.12.1 12/14/2018 10:56:15 AM 286 0.00
1.2018.8.2 8/30/2018 2:47:20 PM 15674 4.67
1.2018.6.1 6/15/2018 10:40:29 AM 11835 5.00
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(Michael Ochs, )

(Trevor Bennett, )
Great plugin

(Ben Walker, )
This is one of those 'must-have' toolbox plugins. I could not imagine working without it. Many thanks to Jonas and any other contributors!

(T Y, )
New user review: PROS: UI is fairly intuitive. Stretchable windows is a good feature. Ability to display QueryExpression is nice but see above. Ability to remember connection details is a real "God send". Various view is excellent. CONS: The FetchXML functionality supported by this tool is constrained to the limitations of QueryExpression (e.g. comparing attributes from 2 different , linked entities - basic SQL functionality - is not supported). Disappointed.

(John Baptiste Bily, )
In Fetch Veritas

(Henri Lo, )
awesome tool Jonas. Help me a lot building complex FetchXml reports.

(Guillaume Lequertier, )

(Nishant Rana, )
One of the best tools in XRM Tool Box.

(Aura Berrocal, )

(Scott Myers, )

(Andrew N, )
This is a brilliant plugin and really increases your productivity by constructing your FetchXML or QueryExpressions for you. So if you are c# developer and want to use Query expressions, you can use the point and click UI to construct your query, get the results and then have Fetch XML generate the Query Expressions for you that you can just copy and paste into your code!!! Brilliant plugin... keep up the good work!!! :)

(Serjanya AE, )

(Scott Sewell, )

(Roman Uvarov, )

(Allan Varcoe, )

(Don Schiavone, )
Cannot imagine life without this tool!

(Scott Sewell, )
Using FetchXML Builder incrementally reduces my impact on global warming.

(Scott Sewell, )
Indispensable. - Absolutely essential for anyone going after XRM/CDS data.


(Guillaume Goulfault, )

(Natraj Yegnaraman, )

(Josh Painter, )
Fantastic tool. I use it almost every day!

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Author: Jonas Rapp Latest version: 1.2018.12.5 Released on: 12/18/2018 Nuget package Id: Cinteros.Xrm.FetchXmlBuilder Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 22Number of ratings Downloads 11032Latest version 329028All versions 15668.00Average per version