Attribute Manager


BETA! - Used to rename/delete/or change the type of an attribute.

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Potential Conflict with Early Bound Generator V2

Implement Retry Logic #463
Fix for Fails to update Plugin Step Image #462
Fix for Null Exception error when replacing an attribute #454
Fix for Migrate Data fails when changing schema name of attribute with a relationship #329


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2023.12.21 12/22/2023 3:04:45 AM 4938 0.00
1.2023.12.7 12/9/2023 7:59:13 PM 852 0.00
1.2022.9.23 10/31/2022 1:09:57 PM 12676 0.00
1.2022.9.8 9/9/2022 9:27:18 PM 3345 0.00
1.2020.10.2 10/4/2020 2:39:33 AM 27198 5.00
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Kirill Kanyukov () - version 1.2020.10.2
Extremely useful plugin! A lot of time it saved me from painfull manual process of recreation attribute to change its type or format
Antony Clarke () - version 1.2020.10.2
Worked flawlessly in Sandbox and production even logs any process that runs such as business rules set to entity.
Linn Zaw Win () - version 1.2020.10.2
An excellent tool to delete/just convert the column type/migrate the data from the old to the new column and the tool will handle the dependencies automatically in the backend
Sunisa Bunjied () - version 1.2019.3.22
Sergio Macias () - version 1.2019.3.22
This is a great tool, I used it because I created a field using a global option set but it was the wrong global option set, this tool is super useful
Chintan Patel () - version 1.2019.3.22
Really Helpful plugin. Any plans for adding support for "MultiSlect Option Set" type of attributes for data migration and convert Attribute type?
Brett Saunders () - version 1.2018.4.5
Fantastic, saves so much time. Great for deleting fields too!! With this tool if you delete a field it removes the field from the form, workflows and views for you.
Roberto Alonso () - version 1.2018.1.25
Njaka MISAHARISON () - version 1.2017.8.8

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Author: Daryl LaBar Latest version: 1.2023.12.21 Released on: 12/22/2023 Nuget package Id: DLaB.Xrm.AttributeManager Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 8Number of ratings Downloads 4938Latest version 255415All versions 14189.72Average per version Tags Customizations