Early Bound Generator


Generates Early Bound Entities/Option Sets/Actions. Uses CrmSvcUtil from the SDK, and shows command line used to create the classes.

Latest version release notes

Fix for Object Reference Not Set to Instance of Object after using clientid/secret connection? #333

Fix for Unable to run from Google Drive #317
Fix for Deleting files Deletes from Temporary Folder, not output folder #318

Fix Action.cs is added to the .csroject file, even if it was deleted by CustomCodeGenerationService.WriteInternal #313

Fix for Can't define an output directory for generated entities #308

Added option to generate attributes using logical names #304

Add N:N Relationships to Fields Constants #258
Fix for Global Option Sets with the same name as the entity causes conflicts #300


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2022.9.22 9/23/2022 6:02:59 PM 10798 5.00
1.2022.5.3 5/4/2022 7:50:09 PM 12245 5.00
1.2022.4.3 4/4/2022 5:11:56 PM 4760 0.00
1.2022.2.4 2/5/2022 9:48:52 PM 5995 0.00
1.2021.12.12 12/13/2021 3:26:01 PM 6490 0.00
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Latest version

Don Schiavone ()
This tool is critical to our success as we have lots of custom workflow steps, plugins, and so on that depend on early bound classes in a shared project. This has always been the best way to generate the classes.
Tool author answer ()
Awesome! Thank you so much for the positive feedback! Would love for you to try out V2 of the tool.

Other versions

Luis Gouveia () - version 1.2022.5.3
Amazing tool
aldo gillone () - version 1.2021.6.14
Excellent Tool. Very easy to use. I like the voice at the end of the file generation XD
Sruthi Vasudevan () - version 1.2020.10.2
Patrick M () - version 1.2020.6.22
I have been using this product for many years now for C# coding. Saves me a bundle of time and it's easy to use!
Marcelo Sepulveda () - version 1.2020.4.17
the best plugin
Vikas Reddy () - version 1.2018.10.15
正之 立野 () - version 1.2018.10.15
Linn Zaw Win () - version 1.2018.9.13
It is one of the most used plugin for me in XTB
gauthem raam () - version 1.2018.5.2
Sanjaya Dodangoda () - version 1.2018.5.2
Chris Harrington () - version 1.2017.11.14
Tool author answer ()
The only person to not give 4 stars... and with no reason as to the why... 🤔
Tanguy TOUZARD () - version 1.2017.10.10
Super easy to generate C# files that represents Dynamics 365 customizations. Maybe more documentation will be helpful to understand all options
Natraj Yegnaraman () - version 1.2017.10.10
Yohan Delmas () - version 1.2017.8.7

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Author: Daryl LaBar Latest version: 1.2022.9.22 Released on: 11/11/2022 Nuget package Id: DLaB.Xrm.EarlyBoundGenerator Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 15Number of ratings Downloads 10798Latest version 424853All versions 6341.09Average per version Tags Development