Early Bound Generator V2


Generates Early Bound Entities/Option Sets/Messages. Uses the DataverseModelBuilder from the SDK, and shows command line used to create the classes.

Latest version release notes

Virtual Attributes with Make all fields Editable Creates invalid setters #484

Fix for Null Ref when missing local language pack classes #480

Fix for Connection Record1ObjectTypeCode and Connection_Record2ObjectTypeCode Are noisy between Environments #477

Add a Search Box for the Properties Grid #476
Fix for Naming Conventions for OptionSets #316

Allow for Enum Name Replacement strings #475
Alternate Keys aren't ordered #474
Fix Error with StateCode when overriding EntityName #473

Fix Ordering of local Enums #472
Fix "Use Enum for State Codes" generates enum with lowercase first letter #439

State Name is incorrect when using Entity Class Name Overrides #469

Add a default Messages Whitelist #468

Allow to override Entity Names #467

Fix EBG V2 Generation Error: Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.PreferredSolutionDetails is not available #465
IEnumerable Activity Party Typing Bug (again) #464
Handle Xml File Formatting #461
Added claw/clawback to dictionary

Added Option to suppress Auto-Generated by comment #414
Added Option to import all languages label - Early Bound Generator #426
Added Character substitution list for Danish #441
Fix for "Delete Files from Output folders" fails if "Generate Messages" = False #447
Audible Completion Notification setting don't work #452
Add setting to specify output folder location #451
IL Merge Free

Utilize EmitEntityETC Setting #446
Use emitVirtualAttributes #445
Add Ability to Trace Model Builder #444
Capitalize BookableResourceTypes choice correctly #443
Fix for UpsertMultiple request always getting generated #442

Duplicate Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Client.ProxyTypesAssemblyAttribute() Created #413
ProxyTypesAssemblyAttribute is generated multiple times on each entity class #408
Error when generating AttributeNameConsts when attribute name matches entity name #411

Fix for Exception on generating model with Model Builder V2 nuget #407
Fields Const file should generate related entity name fields #406

Make Fields Class Partial #405
Error on Transliteration #404

Use BPF Display Name for Relationship Attributes #403
Project file corrupted after import #402
Allow For Custom Dictionary Entries #401

Increase Dictionary #400
Whitelist Prefix Doesn't work #399
Unable to clear Whitelist of Entities #398
AlternateKeys Order Should be sorted alphabetically #397
Local Multi-Select Option Sets are Generated Twice #395
Generate BPFs with a better name then Publisher_bpf_GUID #391

Allow StateCode to be Enum Specifically #393
Enum Postfixed Properties are not getting generated #392

The Updated Settings Are Not Reflected Immediately Until the XrmToolBox is Closed And Reopened #390
Don't write message filter if not generating messages #389
UseCrmSvcUtilStateEnumNamingConvention gets reset #388
Switching from one file per entity leaves slash in path #387
Update Builder Settings to False Breaks Immediately #386

Error when Not Writing Messages #385
Write to Error log to then read from error log. #384
Rooting Path Uses the Current directory, rather than the executing Assemblies current directory #383

Warn on Default Settings Loaded #382
Default location errors #381
Output Folders not converting to Output File Name #380
Allow for configurable Transliteration Path #379
Hide Message Properties when not generated #378
Removal of Microsoft.Xrm.Client #377
Remove Base Class Generation #376
Implement Entities Category Settings #375
Implement Global Settings #374
Create Group Message By Request Setting #373
Implement Suppress Generated Code Attribute #372
Add option to split Actions/Messages #371
Allow for Legacy CrmSvcUtil State Enums #370
Allow For Single Files #369
Remove All App Config References #368
Implement CodeGenerationService #367
Implement CodeWriterFilterService #366
Implement IMetadataProviderService #365
Cleanup Local Option Set files #364
Enum names aren't being cased #362
Update the config for Field Generation #361
Enable CustomizeCodeDomService SettingsMap Settings #358
Update to use new PAC ModelBuilder #352
PAC Modelbuilder Utilize DLaB Naming Service #353
Enable generation of Entity Consts #354
Enable NamingService SettingsMap Settings #355
Allow for not updating Settings File #357
Member names cannot be the same as their enclosing type with generated Actions #349
EarlyBoundGenerator.Api doesn't return any indication when an error occurs #332
Order settings a bit better #321


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
2.2024.2.1 2/1/2024 8:28:16 PM 2900 0.00
2.2024.1.23 1/24/2024 2:36:00 PM 819 0.00
2.2023.12.22 12/22/2023 10:49:08 PM 1707 0.00
2.2023.12.21 12/21/2023 11:19:57 PM 596 0.00
2.2023.12.20 12/21/2023 4:45:50 PM 411 0.00
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Joyful Learning 365 () - version 2.2023.12.10
Excellent Plugins
Stacy Park () - version 2.2023.12.4
Excellent plugin.
Tanguy TOUZARD () - version 2.2023.12.4
Just use v2 for the first time. It’s blazing fast! Great job Daryl!
Tool author answer ()
Phil Cole () - version 2.2023.12.4
Linn Zaw Win () - version 2.2023.4.4
A great upgrade of the EBG V1 tool. Even though there are a few bugs in the initial release (like the other products), the support is great and the bugs are tracked and being worked on properly in the GitHub repo. Documentation for the differences between V1 and V2 makes it easier for those who are considering upgrading the models generated with V1.

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Author: Daryl LaBar Latest version: 2.2024.2.1 Released on: 02/01/2024 Nuget package Id: DLaB.Xrm.EarlyBoundGeneratorV2 Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 5Number of ratings Downloads 2900Latest version 20462All versions 889.65Average per version Tags Development