Entity Fields Analyser


Entity Fields Analyser Tool: Explore Your Entity at a Glance

Unlock a comprehensive view of your entity with our powerful tool, providing detailed insights into its structure and usage. The tool empowers you to:

Field Overview:

Categorize and explore fields in your entity based on their types.
Gain insights into the percentage of usage for each field within your entity.

Informative Charts:

Visualize the distribution of Managed/Unmanaged Fields in your Entity through insightful charts.
Obtain a breakdown of the Count of Fields Per Type, offering a clear understanding of your entity's composition.
Explore the volume usage of your entity in terms of fields, providing essential metrics for efficient management.

Data Charting Options:

Customize the display of data charts by percentage, tailoring your visualization preferences.
Easily view the Count of Entities, contributing to a holistic understanding of your data ecosystem.

Field Calculator:

Utilize the field calculator to assess the feasibility of creating a specific number of fields of different types within your entity.
Gain valuable insights into the potential impact of field creation on your entity's structure.

Empower Your Entity Management with our Entity Overview Tool!

Latest version release notes

Release Summary: Entity Fields Analyser Tool (Version

Key Features:

Display All Fields: Users can now view all entity fields at once, streamlining the exploration process.
Search Functionality: Users can search for fields by display name or schema name, enhancing navigation efficiency.


Performance Improvements: Optimizations have been made to enhance tool performance, ensuring smooth operation.
UI Refinements: The user interface has been refined for improved usability and intuitive navigation.

Bug Fixes:

Various issues have been resolved and user-reported bugs addressed for a stable user experience.

How to Update:

Existing Users: Simply click on the "Update" button within the Xrmtoolbox tool to seamlessly upgrade to the latest version.
New Users: Download the latest version directly from the Xrmtoolbox library to access all the newest features.


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating 2/11/2024 6:54:06 PM 3719 0.00 2/11/2024 6:50:15 PM 0 0.00 2/11/2024 5:47:47 PM 0 0.00 1/15/2024 8:40:01 AM 1008 5.00 1/14/2024 2:29:03 PM 27 0.00
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Thibaud Artigues () - version
I have been using Entity Field Analyzer for a massive comparison task between my given technical specs and what was actually done. This tool has saved me from spending my entire week if i had to do it by hand. Quite a useful tool indeed, thank you for that.
Stephen Pryke () - version
Really, really useful plugin. It is the only one I found which can cope with more than 50,000 records at a time. A lifesaver for us. The developer is also very responsive.
Richard LE () - version
Man this is the best tool ever made. Save me tons of hours!!!
abdelkayoum derfoufi () - version

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Author: AmraouiH Latest version: Released on: 02/11/2024 Nuget package Id: EntityFieldsAnalyser Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 4Number of ratings Downloads 3719Latest version 39442All versions 2465.13Average per version Tags Data Customizations Development Configuration