Simplifies the deployment process by comparing entities between two environments

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Allows users to compare data between 2 different DataVerse environments.

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Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2023.10.4 10/31/2023 1:08:06 PM 2925 0.00
1.2023.10.2 10/27/2023 7:43:48 PM 271 0.00
1.2023.5.13 5/5/2023 7:44:28 AM 2742 0.00
1.2023.5.11 5/5/2023 7:11:04 AM 145 0.00
1.2023.5.7 5/4/2023 4:50:07 PM 117 0.00
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David Zimmerman () - version 1.2022.1.2
One of my favourite solutions. Quickly identify any reference data misalignment. The ability to quicly move / delete from environments is great. I have one challenge with activities where I am unable to filter out some rows like BCC.
Martin Lofaj () - version 1.2021.3.2
OK: Connect to environments, Load tables, Save + load configuration, Comparison results. PROBLEMS: Configure table (imperfect UI), Generate Comparison (only for very small query result), Record info (poor UI), Actions (not functional). ---------- BENEFITS: Usable for tiny entities (30 records, 5 fields), offers a records comparison (e.g. "Equals", "MatchingButDifferent", "RightMissing", "LeftMissing"). ---------- SHORT-COMINGS: For queries which would generate a larger result, the comparison execution doesn't finish and cannot be stopped. It hogs computer memory, disk and CPU. Sometimes it's possible to close the tab, but mostly XRM Toolbox freezes and has to be restarted. Unusable for larger entities. --- For some keys doesn't display anything, just shows a default screen. --- "Add entity" configuration window has an impractical UI: Entity selector 4 lines, Select attributes 6 lines, Attributes to ignore 6 lines. I suggest placing the selector tables next to each other and allow cca 30 values in each of them. Ticking the checkboxes requires 2 clicks: 1 to highlight the field, then to check the box. Change to single-click. Add "Select All" + "Select None" for the attributes to ignore. --- The record info tab forces to toggle attributes from a drop-down. Show all attributes from query right away. --- Move the Actions tab into the main ribbon. None of the actions work: "Clear", "Remove", "Apply all", "Apply checked", "Select all", "Deselect all". (System Administrator privilege). ---------- SUMMARY: 2 stars (having turned a blind eye). Two Advanced Find windows side-by-side currently do a better job. Definitely a tool with good potential, but it doesn't warrant to be at the top of the list ratings-wise as 5.0 (just 2 ratings but still.) I'll be happy to change the review once improvements are made. Good luck.
Tool author answer ()
Hi Martin, Thank you for your feedback. I don't agree on all the points (e.g. the actions work, we use it daily, and "doing it via AdvancedFind" requires an huge amount of work that the tool does automatically), but I'll do my best to address all the requests you provided. Stay tuned for the next releases! Best regards Riccardo
Greg Owens () - version 1.2021.3.2
Linn Zaw Win () - version 1.2021.1.12
This is such an awesome tool for the projects where there's no proper pipeline for reference data to synchronise between different environments. You can use this tool to compare and migrate missing data, delete unnecessary data and overwrite the outdated data.

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Author: _neronotte Latest version: 1.2023.10.4 Released on: 10/31/2023 Nuget package Id: Greg.Xrm.EnvironmentComparer Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 4Average rating 4Number of ratings Downloads 2925Latest version 45110All versions 1100.24Average per version Tags Troubleshooting Customizations Comparison