Attributes Factory


Create or Update attributes from an Excel template

Latest version release notes

Added support for Multi line text format
Improved template: Better description for Two Options
Improved template: Added default values for Two Options
Improved template: Added red star when metadata is mandatory
Improved template: Better description on how to add lines in the template
Improved template: Added description to explain the use of {prefix} tag
Improved template: Display name formula now uses the {prefix} tag
Improved template: Length for single/multi line of text is dynamic based on the type


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2023.2.33 2/17/2023 11:15:13 AM 4144 5.00
1.2023.2.32 2/10/2023 8:44:04 PM 1672 0.00
1.2023.2.31 2/10/2023 4:22:42 PM 167 0.00
1.2023.2.30 2/10/2023 2:32:25 PM 163 0.00
1.2023.2.29 2/2/2023 12:52:32 PM 2362 0.00
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Latest version

Ben Walker ()
Thanks so much for this tool - might not use it all the time, but when I do need it it's so useful. Had to create 120 new attributes today - saved myself hours of work by using this tool!

Other versions

Arne Rustad () - version 1.2023.1.27
Excellent tool and in combination with Attribute Manager, my most most used tool when developing Power Apps. Very easy to use the Excel template to specify new columns and with a macro that is helpful in limiting typing mistakes and other small errors. Additionally, I would like to praise the author for very quick response and implementation of a feature request for inclusion of the new formula column type.
Veljko Vidovic () - version 1.2021.9.9
Linn Zaw Win () - version 1.2020.12.7
One of the best tool to create and update columns by uploading an Excel template with advanced column properties.
Alex McLachlan () - version 1.2020.6.4
Excellent tool, with up-to-date attribute types - thanks!

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Author: Javista Latest version: 1.2023.2.33 Released on: 02/17/2023 Nuget package Id: Javista.AttributesFactory Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 5Number of ratings Downloads 4144Latest version 107303All versions 3461.39Average per version Tags Customizations