SQL 4 CDS allows you to use standard SQL syntax to query and manipulate your data and metadata in CDS / D365.


Where possible the queries are converted to FetchXML, allowing you to generate FetchXML queries for
plugins or integrations by writing familiar SQL and converting it.

Using the preview T-SQL endpoint, SELECT queries can also be run that aren't convertible to FetchXML.

Latest version release notes

Autocomplete performance improvement
FetchXML to SQL conversion fix


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
4.1.0 3/18/2021 5:39:42 PM 2576 0.00
4.0.3 2/20/2021 4:52:31 PM 2533 5.00
4.0.2 2/10/2021 7:47:49 PM 1174 0.00
4.0.1 1/28/2021 9:33:21 PM 1753 0.00
4.0.0 1/13/2021 5:21:31 PM 1941 0.00
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German Velez () - version 4.0.3
This should a 4.9 but there is no such thing so I gave a 5 anyway but I consider the tool it is 95% perfect for my needs. The other 5% deals with the ability to alias columns but it only lets me name strings with aliases such "select 'Y' as [Yes or No] " but the "select table.Name as [Name of Row]" does not work. The other limitation (for my needs) is the "union" keyword which does not work either. Maybe this is something that does not translate well to FetchXml and thus the tool cannot handle it but I wish it could. :(
Tool author answer ()
Thanks for the feedback! Aliases with spaces and UNION aren't supported in FetchXML and so don't work in this version of the tool, but aliases without spaces (e.g. "select table.Name as Name_of_Row") should work fine. The next version I'm working on should be more flexible at handling things you can't do in FetchXML, so look out for version 5!
Ivo Bouwman () - version 3.1.0
This one helped me a million times by now.
Chung Lee () - version 2.3.0
Marc Scheuner () - version 2.1.2
Absolutely fantastic plugin for anyone who's at home in SQL, and misses the power and flexibility of SQL when working with Dynamics365 - wonderful job, Mark! Couldn't do my work without your plugin!
Durgaprasad Katari () - version 2.1.1
Great tool, can enable TDS endpoint easily without running the orgDBsettings exe.
Nishant Rana () - version 2.0.1
Awesome tool. Thanks !
Patrick Lauziere () - version 1.0.9
Great tool to extract data in fields order you want.
Nicola Micheletto () - version 1.0.7
CRM Admin () - version 1.0.6
Rich Waring () - version 1.0.6
Great to have a way to effectively run sql queries against the D365 back end - saved me a lot of time today.

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Author: Mark Carrington Latest version: 4.1.0 Released on: 03/18/2021 Nuget package Id: MarkMpn.SQL4CDS Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 10Number of ratings Downloads 2576Latest version 41812All versions 1742.17Average per version Tags Data