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Easily create, build and deployment solution for your custom control using PCF.

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---- NEW FEATURE ----
#65 - Added support for React control and platform libraries (virtual control)

---- BUG FIXES ----
#58 - Additional packages not loaded with existing control


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
2.2023.6.162 6/16/2023 3:33:32 PM 9411 0.00
2.2023.3.201 3/20/2023 2:24:54 AM 3540 0.00
2.2022.7.162 7/16/2022 4:12:40 PM 8462 5.00
2.2021.8.221 8/22/2021 12:10:13 PM 14212 5.00
2.2021.5.241 5/24/2021 1:02:18 PM 3858 5.00
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Other versions

M Katsev () - version 2.2022.7.162
admin crm () - version 2.2021.8.221
I found one issue, if i use a2b or b2b as my publisher prefix, it throws an error saying incorrect publisher. I look at the regex code, which needs to be modied for a2b, or b2b type of publisher prefixes. For my project i have just 3 letters middle one being the number and other two characters are alpha characters. Please fix it asap, I am eagerly waiting for an update. Nicely build and great tool.. Again Thank you so much for helping the dynamics community.
David Wade () - version 2.2021.5.241
Thanks for the updates, this gets easier to use every time.
Noor Farid () - version 2.2021.2.52
John Thibodeau () - version 2.2021.2.52
I'm regret that my experience with this tool has been rather buggy. I got it to execute one time through XrmToolbox and have been experimenting with msbuild environmental variable and tool settings ever since. As it is now, after I add the 'control location', 'namespace', 'control name', and template - the resulting command just doesn't seem to execute. Perhaps I have a future in penetration testing? On launch, the error I receive is 'Could not retrieve existing PCF project and CDS solution project details'. After parameters are entered and execution is attempted this morphs into the ubiquitous 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' I've had some success using 'settings' to reset the path prior to launching. Before you ask, I have unblocked all the XrmToolbox dependent files from executing - I may try to pull the code down and try execute it locally. I'm deeply enjoying your book surrounding PCF. I doubt this will stop me.
Tool author answer ()
I am so sorry you have encountered these issues. It would greatly help if you can provide the details for your error (maybe your feedback as well for improving) by creating an issue on GitHub that would help improve the tool. GitHub link - https://github.com/Power-Maverick/PCF-CustomControlBuilder/issues If you have faced multiple errors; please create multiple issues on GitHub so they are tracked separately. I am always working on improving the tool and it's usability. Thank you.
susheel chowdary () - version 2.2021.2.52
Top Notch
Sinordes Sinordes () - version 2.2019.12.9
Hemant Gaur () - version 1.0.5

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Author: Danish Naglekar Latest version: 2.2023.6.162 Released on: 06/16/2023 Nuget package Id: Maverick.PCF.Builder Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 8Number of ratings Downloads 9411Latest version 92262All versions 3295.07Average per version Tags Development