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This plugin has the option to show all available messages, as well as filter entities and messages based on the ones currently in use. It filters out system subscribers so as to not fill the interface with uninteresting subscribers.

Latest version release notes

Added CSV export format, improved formatting.

Added new export form to allow for easy export of selected data.

Added icons, search and fixed sorting.

Added tooltip to let users know about the double click functionality

Added refresh button, added IGitHubPlugin interface, added loading screen


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.1.1 11/23/2018 9:16:44 AM 35761 3.00
1.1.0 11/22/2018 8:43:17 AM 802 0.00
1.0.9 11/20/2018 10:02:27 AM 1123 0.00
1.0.8 11/20/2018 9:09:50 AM 590 0.00
1.0.7 10/26/2018 2:11:17 PM 3576 0.00
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Latest version

Antonio Ferreira ()

Other versions

Nishant Rana () - version 1.0.4
Very handy tool. W can easily get details of all the messages - plugins / workflows being used at a single place instead of searching it within [Customization + Plugin Registration Tool].

Related information

Author: Marius Agur Lind Latest version: 1.1.1 Released on: 11/23/2018 Nuget package Id: MessageExplorer Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 4Average rating 2Number of ratings Downloads 35761Latest version 45935All versions 4175.91Average per version Tags Development