Attribute Usage Inspector


Inspect the usage of attributes per entity

Latest version release notes

Added attribute query paging to avoid timeouts
Added possibility to filter attributes to retrieve
Added entity search

Fixed columns layout in Excel export

Added a setting to control how many records are returned by query. This should ensure the plugin does not crash if too many records with to many attributes are queried

This is the first version. Please report any problem in the Github repository. I'm particularly waiting for feedback on text to be improved


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2017.11.6 11/7/2017 8:35:06 AM 32566 2.00
1.2017.5.5 5/26/2017 3:38:03 PM 43622 0.00
1.2017.1.4 2/1/2017 7:59:26 AM 35136 0.00
1.2016.9.3 9/21/2016 11:56:28 AM 25493 0.00
1.2016.9.2 9/21/2016 11:51:20 AM 132 0.00


Latest version

(Stephen van Vloten, )
The data usage statistics I get are base on what seems like a random number of records like, 3 or 63... but I have well over 500k. How is this seemingly random number of records determined? Are they in fact Random, or is the number representative of something specific such as only 63 Rocrds having any data in them (which I doubt). Can we control this is any way? Otherwise, this would be a truly great tool. Thanks, Steve

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Author: MscrmTools Latest version: 1.2017.11.6 Released on: 11/07/2017 Nuget package Id: MscrmTools.AttributeUsageInspector Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 2Average rating 1Number of ratings Downloads 32566Latest version 136949All versions 27389.80Average per version