Polymorphic Lookup Creator


Create the shiny new polymorphic lookups columns without a line of code

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Added possibility to update managed lookup columns (#8 from @arsenico1987)


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2022.11.6 11/16/2022 4:36:52 PM 9283 4.00
1.2022.10.5 10/6/2022 12:49:27 PM 5399 5.00
1.2022.8.4 8/2/2022 7:57:23 AM 7682 5.00
1.2022.8.3 8/1/2022 4:09:32 PM 513 0.00
1.2022.2.8 2/23/2022 8:29:39 AM 6557 0.00
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Raja Sekhar ()

Other versions

Pierre-Olivier Pujol () - version 1.2022.10.5
Thank you !
Phil Shotton () - version 1.2022.8.4
This seems to work well, if a little clunky. It all seems to work okay, although I've got an issue trying to remove a lookup created by this tool - I'll raise it as a bug
Dineshkumar Sivakumar () - version 1.2021.7.6
Could not use the tool properly. Some minor bugs while creating the lookup.
Tool author answer ()
Hi Dineshkumar, Sorry you are facing issue with this tool. Can you create an issue on github for the minor bugs you are encountering? https://github.com/MscrmTools/MscrmTools.PolymorphicLookupCreator/issues
Viswa N () - version 1.2021.7.6
Working perfect and easy to use.
Nishant Rana () - version 1.2021.7.4
Thanks for releasing the wonderful tool so fast !

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Author: MscrmTools Latest version: 1.2022.11.6 Released on: 11/16/2022 Nuget package Id: MscrmTools.PolymorphicLookupCreator Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 6Number of ratings Downloads 9283Latest version 39355All versions 3279.58Average per version Tags