Restore Deleted Records


Retrieve the deleted records from audit by table, user, and date and time range, and then restore those records with the same GUID.

Latest version release notes

11 April 2023---------
- Minor bug fixed

8 April 2023----------
- Fixed export to excel function.
- Added [Select All] checkbox

19 March 2023--------
- Show deleted records by date range from a specific entity and user.
- Restore multiple deleted records with option to keep the same Guid or restore even the record's owner is disabled.


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2023.4.11 4/11/2023 9:54:30 AM 1266 0.00
1.2023.4.8 4/8/2023 10:26:56 AM 160 0.00
1.2023.3.23 3/23/2023 10:53:22 AM 589 5.00
1.2023.3.19 3/19/2023 5:15:05 AM 133 0.00


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Linn Zaw Win () - version 1.2023.3.23
Nice tool to recreate the deleted data from audit details. Great initiative since Recycle Bin tool is no longer updated and getting errors for some tables/columns.
Tool author answer ()
Thank you so much for your feedback. I just uploaded a new version to fix export to excel and add [Select All] option.

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Author: Nguyen Nhu Hieu Latest version: 1.2023.4.11 Released on: 04/11/2023 Nuget package Id: NNH.XrmTools.RestoreDeletedRecords Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 1Number of ratings Downloads 1266Latest version 2148All versions 537.00Average per version Tags Data Plugins