Latebound Constants Generator


Generate constant classes from metadata for late bound development on Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

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Latest version:

#30 Enum texts containing [ or ] now created correctly. Thanks to @DerekHAu!
#33 Add option to include logical attributes
This will make "non-real" attributes like owneridname and address fields on contact and account etc available.


Version 1.2019.5.2:

#22 Many-to-Many relationships included
#26 EntityCollectionName included
#27 CLI support for build automation
#29 Exposing file template for customization of generated file
Rebranded with 2019 design

* NOTE! #26 introduces a breaking change where constant EntityName is changed to LogicalName. This can be reverted with the introduction of #29.


Version 1.2018.9.2:

#16 Generate constants for relationships
#21 Option to create separate common class for attributes used by multiple entities
#19 Improved CamelCasing
#24 Add XML documentation for relationship constants
#25 Gently forgive file write errors instead of throwing exception
Template line break bug fixed


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2019.6.2 6/26/2019 7:32:41 PM 6098 0.00
1.2019.5.2 5/2/2019 10:57:36 AM 3566 0.00
1.2018.9.2 9/30/2018 5:21:20 PM 11789 5.00
1.2018.6.2 6/15/2018 10:47:54 PM 9598 0.00
1.2018.2.2 2/1/2018 3:22:18 PM 16051 0.00
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(Roman Mellenberger, )
Nice one - there was some confusion saving and loading configuration. May be my mistake...

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Author: Jonas Rapp Latest version: 1.2019.6.2 Released on: 06/26/2019 Nuget package Id: Rappen.XrmToolBox.LateboundConstantsGenerator Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 5Average rating 1Number of ratings Downloads 6098Latest version 84934All versions 7077.83Average per version