Power Apps Checker


Run the Power Apps Checker for XrmToolBox on your solutions, Canvas Apps and Power Automate flows, select a ruleset or specify rule by rule which to validate.

Latest version release notes

Latest release:

#2 Greatly improved authentication mechanism and possibility to switch accounts
#3 Possible to use custom SAS Uri for solution to analyze (now not required to upload file to PAC Service)
#4 Possible to select language for rules and results
#5 Add new geo for France
#6 Allowing custom geo / service endpoint
#7 Clicking Severity counter before analysis caused exception - fixed
Selecting PAC Service Geo bug fixed (only Default worked until now)


Version 1.2019.12.1

First release


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.2019.12.2 12/10/2019 9:56:58 PM 31008 0.00
1.2019.12.1 11/30/2019 9:22:30 AM 1081 0.00
1.2019.11.9 11/26/2019 9:49:34 PM 85 0.00
1.2019.11.8 11/26/2019 8:32:15 PM 14 0.00
1.2019.11.7 11/26/2019 7:59:21 PM 13 0.00


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Author: Jonas Rapp Latest version: 1.2019.12.2 Released on: 12/10/2019 Nuget package Id: Rappen.XrmToolBox.PowerAppsChecker Open Source: true Go to project web site Ratings (all versions) 0Average rating 0Number of ratings Downloads 31008Latest version 32201All versions 6440.20Average per version Tags Troubleshooting Customizations Development Documentation