CRM Simple Record Cloner


A Simple Plug-In to Clone CRM Records from one Environment to another. Just hit the "Email a Link" Button and copy/paste the URL.

Latest version release notes

CrmServiceClient and MultipleConnectionsPluginControlBase is now used

(credits goes to Reiny-S )
Update PluginControl.cs adding support for UUI-generated record URLs

Dynamics UUI generates URLs which already contain the logical entity name as parameter etn but unfortunately no longer contain the entity type code. This adoption ensures that parameter etn is checked first and uses parameter etc only if the entity's logical name is not available.

- Option to Ignore State/Stauscode
- Clone to multiple Organisations
- Background Processing

- Option to verify Lookups in the target Environment

Initial Release


Version Release date Number of downloads Rating
1.0.2 8/22/2020 7:44:48 PM 23430 0.00
1.0.1 8/22/2020 7:36:27 PM 0 0.00
1.0.0 8/22/2020 7:17:20 PM 0 0.00
0.8.0 10/21/2017 6:24:24 PM 60911 5.00
0.7.0 10/1/2017 7:38:26 PM 12789 0.00
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Other versions

Sergio Arrey Andres () - version 0.8.0

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