This is a major update of XrmToolBox that uses the latest bits of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement SDK (v9.0.0.5)

Warning! This version of XrmToolBox requires .Net Framework 4.6.2. Please install this version before updating your XrmToolBox application. download link

This is required to support protocol TLS 1.2 that will be used soon to connect to Microsoft Dynamics 265 Customer Engagement. More information on Microsoft blog.

What's new for users

A new Plugins Store is available. This new version shows only plugins registered on XrmToolBox portal and allows you to see ratings from the portal. It is also more performant to retrieve plugins. For now, there is no control on plugins displayed but a future release will show only plugins that have been validated by XrmToolBox portal administrators. This new Plugins Store is not used by default: use Plugins Store options to stop using legacy Plugins Store.

You can now download and use plugins that target Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement October 2017 update specifically.

Users can now display plugins in their order of installation (see options).

Updated Connection update dialog to select plugins to update with the new connection.

Updated Auto Updater to respect current installation folder.

What's new for developers

Your plugins can now target specific feature of v9 SDK

You can specify an icon to be displayed in the tab used for your plugin and in the menu items