This release mainly reflects the support of PowerApps Common Data Service in XrmToolBox.


What's new for users


Users can now opt out usage statistics collect

Connection loading screen has been update to see when connecting to a CDS environment

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug when updating XrmToolBox and plugins files name are not case consistent

Fixed a bug where Hiding Start Page setting was inverted

Fixed a bug where changing connection with only one plugin opened did not reflect the change on this plugin

Fixed a bug where the license file was not used correctly

Fixed a bug where using feature to hide plugins in Settings result in an inverted selection

Known issues
When connecting to a CDS environment from the start page (Last used plugins), the connection panel is not the CDS one

What's new for developers

IOrganisationService object passed to method UpdateConnection is now of type CrmServiceClient instead of OrganizationServiceProxy, following Microsoft recommandation to use CrmServiceClient class only.
Bug fixes

What's new for administators

XrmToolBox.exe is now digitally signed again, helping administrators to authorize application based on its digital signature