This release is a quick fix for previous release that mainly added support for new connection methods (certificate, client id/secret, MFA)
This release fixes issues when connecting or creating a connection to OnPremise deployment

What's new for users


Using latest SDK assemblies

You can create specific connection for certificates, client id/secret and MFA

Opening a tool from another tool now keep the same connection

XrmToolBox now detects tools that use Early Bound entities and warns you to remove them to avoid issues

Bug fixes

Fixed error message when saving settings for a tool and a connection with special characters

Feedback menu shows the appropriate tool name

UPDATE : Fixed environment highlighting

UPDATE : Fixed "Close each plugin silently" option that was not displayed correctly

Known issues
Connections files have been reworked and there is a possibility that some connections don't work anymore due to the way the connection file is processed. In this case, you may have to delete a recreate the connections of the file.

What's new for developers


You can request the password or client secret of the current connection (user will be prompted to consent) using ConnectionDetail.RequestPassword method

You have access to Power Apps TenantId and EnvironmentId in ConnectionDetail class to open customizations page in maker portal assembly is added to XrmToolBox so that developers can take advantage of this code editor UI. This also fixes a bug where a tool using assembly could not display code editor if another tool already used this assembly

Bug fixes

What's new for administators