In case something goes wrong with your XrmToolBox installation, you may want to reset it.

First thing to understand is where XrmToolBox store its files. There are two locations:
  • Location where is XrmToolBox.exe file. This location contains only system files that don't change. That means that if something goes wrong suddenly (ie. not after an update), it seems unrelevant to check for a cause in this folder.
  • Location where XrmToolBox stores settings, tools, connections, etc. This location is by default C:\users\appData\your_login\Roaming\MscrmTools\XrmToolBox (see this page for changing default storage location)
So, if your XrmToolBox application does not work anymore, I recommand to:
  • Backup your connections folder in C:\users\appData\your_login\Roaming\MscrmTools\XrmToolBox
  • Backup your settings folder in C:\users\appData\your_login\Roaming\MscrmTools\XrmToolBox
  • Delete content of folder C:\users\appData\your_login\Roaming\MscrmTools\XrmToolBox
  • Start XrmToolBox again. There shouldn't be error/problem anymore
  • Install tools from Tool Library