This release is a maintenance release that provides some new features and bug fixes

What's new for users


A new button allows to navigate to the connected organization

About menus have been redesigned to be more usable. They also display XrmToolBox icon and plugin icon when specified by the developer

In settings, the parameter to sort plugins uses a drop down list to be more efficient

Bug fixes

Context menu for plugins works now as expected

XrmToolBox does not crash anymore when loading Plugins Store updates during startup and no network is available

Plugins Store does not crash anymore if a plugin does not have its project url defined

Plugins Store remember setting to use new or legacy store

Known issues
XrmToolBox Auto Updater does not find executable to launch after having installed the update. Please run XrmToolBox as usual after the update

What's new for developers


A new plugin base class is available to create plugins that require a source connected organization and one or multiple target organization (MultipleConnectionsPluginControlBase, see documentation)