This release is a major release that improves the UI of XrmToolBox. It now uses DockPanelSuite that will allow you to display plugins the way you want

What's new for users


Use of DockPanelSuite to let you choose how to display your opened plugins

Choose your DockPanelSuite theme between classic, light, blue or dark  

Added a Start page that shows you recently used plugins and quick actions to use XrmToolBox and interact with XrmToolBox team

Plugins list has been redesigned slightly to fit with DockPanelSuite

Improved Plugins Store when installing plugins (shows progress bar, handled exceptions better)

Added a dialog that shows invalid plugins that makes XrmToolBox crashes so that you can uninstall faulting plugins

Bug fixes



Known issues
XrmToolBox Auto Updater does not find executable to launch after having installed the update. Please run XrmToolBox as usual after the update

What's new for developers


You can now use DockPanelSuite for your plugins if needed, without shipping the corresponding assemblies.

Added property PluginIcon in PluginControlBase to let you show your plugin icon in DockPanelSuite window list.

Added possibility for Plugins Store to ask user for licence acceptance before installing your plugin. Just configure your Nuget package to ask for licence acceptance to enable this feature

Added new interface INoConnectionRequired to enable opening plugin without asking for a connection first


What's new for administators


You can add a registry key that will block XrmToolBox to run

You can filter what plugins are allowed to be opened in XrmToolBox  by adding a registry key

See documentation about this new feature here